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Is the Water From My Hose Treated

It’s easy to see if your outside faucet is treated. First – go to your water treatment equipment. Find the pipe that comes FROM your storage tank and INTO your water treatment equipment. (Or – if you have city water, the pipe that comes FROM an outside wall) Any pipe BEFORE your Water Treatment Equipment is untreated. Most Read the full article…

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Can Heavy Rain Effect Well Water?

Connecticut has seen some heavy rainstorms in the past few months, and all that rain can have a negative impact on your well. How? By introducing surface water. There are two types of water, Groundwater and Surface Water. If you get your water from a well, you are using groundwater to drink, bathe and clean Read the full article…

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Common Well Problems in Connecticut

What Every Connecticut Resident Needs to Know When you live in Connecticut, it’s pretty safe to say that you may be dealing with some well problems. From iron to magnesium to calcium, the Connecticut soil is rich with many minerals, but you don’t exactly want them in your water well. Here’s a rundown of the Read the full article…