Arsenic, Uranium & Radon Found in CT Well Water

uranium radon arsenic ct well water

Across New England many towns are paying more attention to what’s in their groundwater, and encouraging residents to do the same.

Maine and Vermont have offered similar programs in the past, and now Connecticut has followed suit with some town sponsored water tests. Most recently Glastonbury.

The focus has been on Uranium, Radon and certain pesticides that were found to be in high concentrations in well water. Last year the state also began to raise awareness regarding the presence of Arsenic in private wells.


  • Naturally occurring in bedrock
  • “Mildly Radioactive”
  • May increase risk a person’s “estimated lifetime risk of cancer”
  • Amount in water can vary greatly from well to well


  • Naturally occurring in bedrock
  • Formed by the natural decay of Uranium
  • Can be present in both air and water
  • Confirmed human carcinogen
  • Amount in air/water can vary greatly from well to well


  • Man made chemical
  • Used as soil fumigant and universal solvent
  • Usage has decreased over last 20 years
  • Possible human carcinogen


  • Naturally occurring in soil
  • Also byproduct of certain manufacturing processes
  • Confirmed human carcinogen
  • Amount in water can vary greatly from well to well

You are invited to contact your State’s Certification Officer to see a list of towns or laboratories that may be offering free water testing.

It is recommended to have your well water tested yearly as water quality can change over time.