Chemical Feed Pump for Acidic Water
Chemical Feed System

Chemical Feed Filter for Acidic Water

When you have a very low pH (below 5.5), we recommend a Chemical Feed Pump. We also call this a “Chemfeed”.


  • Protects your plumbing and pipes from damaging corrosive water.
  • Stops blue-green staining in your sinks, showers and bathtubs.
  • Helps to prevent pin hole leaks in your copper pipes

Special Features of our Best Selling Chemical Feed Pump

  • Very easy to maintain.
  • The pump is quiet and automated.
  • Does not add any hardness to your water.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Chemical Feed Pump

How does it work?

  • When your well pump turns on, it also turns on your chemical feed pump and injects a solution of soda ash and water into your main water line.Chemical Feed for acidic water
  • Every few months, you make another “batch” of solution that is stored in a solution tank.

Can I taste the soda ash?

  • Most people never know it’s there.

What is the warranty coverage?

  • One year manufacturer’s warranty against defects on the motor
  • Five year manufacturer’s warranty against defects on the solution tank

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