Bacteria, Organisms and Cysts in Your Water- Oh My!

Ultraviolet Light System for Bacteria in Water
Ultra Violet Light System

City water does not mean safe water. In fact, despite the widespread use of chlorination for municipal disinfection, a number of organisms are resistant to chlorine such as cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia and Legionelloss.

Well water frequently tests positive for coliform bacteria especially when the well has been inactive due to foreclosures.

Luckily, the solution is simple- a UV system! UV stands for Ultra Violet Light. It is typically installed in the basement at the source of your main water supply. After your water enters your home or business, it will pass through the special UV light which destroys the bacteria, making them harmless. What’s great is that it doesn’t add any chemicals or change the taste of your water. Once a year, the UV bulb (lamp) will need to be replaced. Most systems have a built in alarm to remind you it’s time to change the bulb.

In order for the light waves to “zap” the bacteria, your water needs to be clean and clear. So, you may need pre-treatment, especially for iron and hard water.