Does a Whole House Sediment Filter Remove Iron?

Iron in CT well waterYes and No. A sediment filter removes particles. But most of the iron in your CT well water is NOT in particle form. In fact, it’s what they call “clear iron water” because when you fill a cup of water, the color is clear. But sometimes that clear iron water that is dissolved in your well water starts to change (precipitate) into a particle form when it enters your home through oxidation, changes in temperature, changes in pH, etc. As that iron changes, some of it gets trapped in your sediment filter. This is why your sediment filter often starts to look orange! Check out the photo to the right. This filter is so caked with iron, it couldn’t do its job catching sediment!

For true iron removal, you really need something for iron like a Water Softener, or Iron Curtain (if your water chemistry allows it)