Water Softener Treatment For Bacteria?

Coliform Bacteria in Well WaterNo, it does not. A Water Softener removes hardness, iron, and manganese. These are dissolved minerals that are naturally found in well water, and even city water. They can be a real nuisance but they are not harmful to your health.

Bacteria CAN be harmful to your health but it depends on the type of bacteria. Remember, yogurt is full of bacteria but it is good for you.

To remove bacteria you have two options:

  1. Disinfect your well with chlorine. If the bacteria contamination is a one-time event, then a one-time chlorination will usually kill the bacteria – if it is done properly! Go to our Well Chlorination blog to find out more. If you have an ongoing contamination, and cannot identify the source, the bacteria will be back.
  2. Install an Ultra Violet Light Disinfectant or UV System. The UV system is installed in your basement where your water enters your home. Every drop of water will pass through the UV system and kill the bacteria. A UV system uses a special light bulb that “zaps” the bacteria. It doesn’t add any chemicals to your water. And maintenance is fairly simple- just change the bulb every year.

A UV system gives you the best peace of mind. Check out our UV System page for information.

Minimally, you should test your water every year for bacteria. You can usually bring a sample to your local lab. Google “laboratories” to find the closest one. You will need a sanitized container that they will give you or you can pick one up at a pharmacy.